The vegan dog who left us in awe by living fit & healthy for 25 years!

We are sure that you’ll agree on this- dogs bring immense happiness to our lives! Yes, we have to take charge of their regular cleanliness and health aspects, but nothing can be compared to the unconditional love they bestow upon us.

Sadly enough, your close-to-heart furry friend comes with a limited lifespan. While we don’t possess the power to bless our dogs with an increased lifespan, but we certainly can opt a 100% vegan lifestyle for him/her that will help your doggy live longer and healthier.

Don’t believe us? Well, we can prove it! And we are backed up with research and a pageant to boast!

Drumrolls, Meet Bramble, a border collie who holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living dog. What is more astonishing is the fact that Bramble was fed plant-based, vegan dog food for her entire life. Another astonishing and fun fact is that 25 years is equal to 189 years of dog’s life.

Most of us may know of Chihuahuas as the longest living breed of dog (up to 20 years); but hardly did anyone knew of border collie living that long. Kudos to Bramble’s owner Annie who took care of her nutrition by feeding her 100% vegan dog food. V-dog had the privilege of chatting with Bramble’s mom, ‘Anne Heritage’, who herself is on a dedicated vegan diet.

In this candid chat, Anne told us that she had been a proud mother to seven dogs. The three of them lived up to 19-years-old, one of them lived up to 20-years-old, and our very own Bramble lived up to 25-years-old. When asked her about the reason behind their long and healthy living, she told us that that all of them were fed only vegan dog food.

Bramble enjoyed her vegan meal which Anne thoughtfully curated for her. Her wholesome pure veg dog food mostly consisted of brown rice, yeast flakes, lentils, mixed vegetables, and soy. The diet was very well taken care of, but Anne knew that a dog’s healthy living should also consist of exercise, play time, and lots of care & attention.

Emphasizing more on her daily activities, she told us that Bramble was an active dog. She would walk for two hours and would swim up until her last breath. These activities helped her in building muscles and endurance. In addition, her teeth too were strong; even her veterinary dentist said that she has best teeth set.


We would never want our furry friend to bade us a forever goodbye- and we also know that this wish will never be granted! We clearly can’t set a lifespan for our dog, but we can definitely seek inspiration from Bramble and gift our dogs long and healthy lives.

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