• The vegan dog who left us in awe by living fit & healthy for 25 years!

    The vegan dog who left us in awe by living fit & healthy for 25 years!

    We are sure that you’ll agree on this- dogs bring immense happiness to our lives! Yes, we have to take charge of their regular cleanliness and health aspects, but nothing can be compared to the unconditional love they bestow upon us. Sadly enough, your close-to-heart furry friend comes with a limited lifespan. While we don’t possess the power to bless our dogs with an...
  • Celebrities choose vegan food

    Celebrities choose vegan food

    A lot of people are turning to veganism. Today, even celebrities are seen raising their voices against animal cruelty. While opting to go 100% vegan is a personal choice, it is also considered an ethical choice by many. Veganism isn’t a novel concept anymore, but choosing a vegan diet for dogs is a concept that is still unheard of. The idea of feeding a...
  • Plant based protein in pet food

    Plant based protein in pet food

    Are you a proud parent to a pet? If yes, then you know that pet parenting demands a lot more than one can imagine. You have to take care of all the essentials that your furry friend needs for healthy and active living. It might surprise you that just like humans, your pet too, needs a balanced portion of protein in their diet. Talk about...
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