Busting the myth: Are dogs truly carnivorous creatures?

Since our childhood, we have been categorially defined animals that are Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores. And like most of us, we are conditioned to believe that dogs are either carnivores or omnivores. But, have you ever wondered if dogs are actually carnivorous animals? Or could they potentially thrive on plant-based dog food as well? Let's dive into the carnivorous debate and explore the role of meat in a dog's diet.

The broad definition of carnivorous refers to an animal that feeds on the flesh of
other animals. And since wolves are the ancestors of dogs, we presumed that dogs too can only thrive on meat or meat-based dog food. Well, we won’t be wrong if we say that dogs are evolved and much-better versions of their ancestors. They have the ability to digest and utilize nutrients from plant sources- it’s the human who has complicated their simple diet requirements.

Earlier, meat was considered to be the only source of extracting protein. The less-advanced science and food technology labs couldn’t successfully research the availability of protein in plants. Today, the growth and development in this field took many people by shock & surprise- especially when they launched vegan products for the so-called “carnivorous dogs.”

The brands that make vegan dog food highly focus on providing your furry friend with a nutrient-packed diet. The superfood generally consists of Quinoa, Oats, Lentils, Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds. Further, these well-researched dog foods have been proven to be the best for their health. Even Hollywood celebrities and sports celebrities are seen rooting for such diet supplements for their dogs. Lewis Hamilton, one of the prominent names in the sports industry, came forward to reveal that his dog has been put on a vegan diet, and the dog ‘Roscoe’ is fit and active just like a puppy.

Another celebrity dog that tops our list is ‘Bramble’. She vouched for the success of vegan dog food by being the recipient of the Guinness World Record for the oldest living dog.

Well, the verdict is pretty simple, dogs can happily and healthily thrive on plant-
based/vegan diets ,just like us humans. Vegan dog food has been thoughtfully
created to meet the nutritional needs of your furry friend; so as a pet parent be guilt-free and proud of feeding them meatless diets and know that dogs are truly


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