Why Vegan food for DOGS?

The switch to veganism is a healthy, humane choice. A plant-based diet in pups lowers the risks of obesity, cancer and many other ailments. Aside from health motivations, many are switching to vegan diets for ethical reasons. As another example, to curb the environmental effects of meat production & reduce animal suffering.

Perfect for weight maintenance

Made with healthy and easily digestible ingredients, vegan dog food formulas are a great choice for dogs who have trouble maintaining a proper weight. Overweight dogs often shed excess pounds after making the switch, helping them stay lean and live longer, more active lives.

Reduced Allergies & Inflammation

From chronic ear problems to excessive scratching & licking to digestive issues, food allergies are a dilemma that affects millions of distressed dogs. Since allergies in dogs are almost always due to specific proteins, it becomes a daunting task to figure out which proteins to avoid. Plant-based, vegan dog foods offer a real advantage in solving food allergies since there are no animal ingredients. By removing meat from the diet, you tend to remove the most likely allergens.

Improves bad breath

Protein-rich meat foods that get stuck in teeth crevices attract the bacteria around the tongue and mouth that contribute to bad breath. Following a plant-based diet will help prevent the build-up of bacteria, and therefore may help to avoid those unpleasant odors.

Get rid of tear stains

Dog tear stains are typically caused by a chemical compound known as porphyrins - iron-waste molecules (toxins) produced due to the breakdown of red blood cells. And porphyrins build-up is triggered by a poor diet. Creating a toxin-free environment in your dog’s stomach may eliminate & keep tear stains away forever.

Less prone to diseases such as cancer or hypothyroidism

Cancer in pets has been linked to obesity. There are studies that clearly demonstrate a direct link between plant ingredients and the prevention of cancer in dogs. Ingredients used in plant-based foods for dogs, such as sweet potatoes, oats, peas, lentils, flax seeds, carrots, etc. are all rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other natural cancer-preventing compounds. So, avoid raw meat and commercial meat-based products. Transition your companion dog to plant-based food, to slow down or reverse the carcinogenic processes caused by toxic ingredients.

No more body odor or bad gas

Low quality or cheap dog food is often full of ingredients that intensify flatulence in dogs causing gastric issues. These ingredients are harder for dogs to digest and result in undigested food bits fermenting in the digestive tract. High quality plant- based food will not only help reduce diet-related flatulence but will also provide required nutrition that your dog needs to produce its own enzymes necessary for digestion, giving off a foul body odor or bad gas problems.

Tons of energy & long life

Dog's diet contributes majorly to their optimal health & energy levels. It should come as no surprise that being obese is unhealthy for your canine companions and indeed it is confirmed by a new study that overweight dogs do not live as long as dogs of healthy weight. Switching your dog to a vegan diet can help them regain puppy-like energy due to the clean, readily-available nutrition (without the negative effects from meat-based and byproduct-heavy food). Plant-based pups often find boundless energy on their new diets, which contributes to a higher quality of life.

Nutritious and yummy diet

Contrary to the common belief that dogs are carnivores like their wolf ancestors, dogs are omnivores with a digestive system capable of digesting plant foods & absorbing their nutrients. The beauty of packaged plant-based food vs. making it at home helps make sure that the vegan dog food you provide is nutritionally balanced & adequate.

Our brand V-planet (V-dog) is a heart-healthy packaged dog food option that contains high-protein whole foods like brown rice, peas, flaxseeds, millet, quinoa, & oats.

Anything Vegan V Planet

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