• Dr. Simon Alvarez

    Dr. Simon Alvarez

    Simón Álvarez, or better known as Dr. Simon Fit, is a Venezuelan surgeon and veterinarian, certified in plant-basednutrition in the US by the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies. Author of the book "And they lived healthyforever." Co-founder of The Cocinita, a vegan and vegetarian gastronomy project in the city of Miami. In addition,recognized as the most outstanding professional in health sciences in...
  • Dr. Malina Fielder

    Dr. Malina Fielder

    Dr. Malina Fielder is a practicing veterinarian and experienced animal nutritionist in Brisbane, Australia. She has more than 30 years of experience in nutrition, small animal medicine and surgery. She is the creator of MHD (Modified Human Diet) plans for pets. Dr. Fielder is passionate about animals and interested in animal rights.
 In her opinion, vegan diets for dogs are considered optimal and healthy...
  • Dr. Randall Cannon

    Dr. Randall Cannon

    Dr. Randall Cannon is a veterinarian at Fairbanks Animal Hospital in Winter Park, FL. As an ethical vegan, he brings his knowledge of the livestock industry to his practice and educates his clients on the benefits of a vegan diet for dogs. "As with most people, veterinarians are able to wear blinders and ignore what they know goes on in the livestock industry. I...
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