• Dr. Richard Pitcairn

    Dr. Richard Pitcairn

    Dr. Richard Pitcairn attended veterinary school in California graduating in 1965. First practicing with with a variety of animals — livestock, farm animals, circus animals, and pets — after two years he took a position on the faculty of the veterinary school at Washington State University. After teaching and operating the large animal clinic for a year, he entered graduate school full time in...
  • Dr. Lorelei Wakefield

    Dr. Lorelei Wakefield

    Lorelei Wakefield, VMD is an animal welfare veterinarian and long-time ethical vegan.  An expert in the field of vegan pet nutrition and wellness,  Dr. Wakefield appeared on Animal Planet and lectures about vegan dogs.
  • Dr. Armaiti May

    Dr. Armaiti May

    Armaiti May, DVM is a practicing small animal veterinarian and vegan advocate. From a young age, she loved animals and knew she wanted to devote her life to helping them.
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