Plant based protein in pet food

Are you a proud parent to a pet? If yes, then you know that pet parenting demands a lot more than one can imagine. You have to take care of all the essentials that your furry friend needs for healthy and active living. It might surprise you that just like humans, your pet too, needs a balanced portion of protein in their diet.

Talk about protein and the first thing that crosses our mind is a meat-based protein diet. While chicken, goat’s meat, pork, etc are among the various readily available options, the health hazards associated with them are too risky to go ahead with. Meat free dog treats are a new addition to pet-friendly health supplements and have been proven to benefit your pet. 

The advancement in science & food technology has made it easy for us to switch to veganism, so much so that even your pet can now relish the goodness of 100% vegan pet food. In this article, we will explore the benefits of plant-based protein in pet food and how it could benefit your dog. 

Your doggy will woof with happiness!

Dogs are full of life when they are in their best health, and to keep them healthy, the pet parents need to feed them meat free dog treats that are packed with necessary nutrients like protein. This wonderful nutrient is loaded with essential amino acids that contribute to a dog’s healthy hair & skin. Moreover, it helps in muscle development, building the immunity system, and repairing cells and other tissues. 

If not meat, then what?

Gone are the days when meat was considered the only source of extracting protein. Today, the advancements have led to innovations that proved to be a boon for those who were on the quest of searching for 100% vegan dog food. The quest has finally come to an end! 

V-planet’s dog food is designed & power-packed with 24% proteins and all the necessary nutrients. The ingredients are smartly chosen for your cute furry’s health; here’s a look at what goes into our super, nutrient-packed vegan dog food

Quinoa- Quinoa is considered to be the safest plant-based complete protein. A cup of quinoa is good enough to serve your dog 8.14 grams of protein. 

Oats- Oats are an excellent source of proteins. A cup full of rolled oats serves nearly 10 grams of protein, which is sufficient for your dog to build strength.

Lentils- Lentils are known to have less fat & calories; and a high amount of fibre & protein. An adequate quantity of lentils keeps your dog fuller for longer. 

Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds- These supers seeds do wonders for your dog’s health. While chia seed is tagged as an immune-system booster, fibre is credited with high  fibre and anti-inflammatory properties.


Your doggy completely trusts you with his/her health! Therefore, it is crucial to check what goes into the dog bowl. Switch to vegan dog food and provide your pet with the nourishment they need. 

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