Dr. Jena Questen

DVM, CertAqV, Aspen Park Vet Hospital

Dr. Questen has been in the field of veterinary medicine for more than 20 years and has had a keen interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for even longer. Her experience includes everything from horses and dog training to emergency medicine for fish and yaks. In the human realm, she is involved with health and wellness projects (even yoga and plant-based cooking classes) for children and adults. Learning the science involved in animal training through the world of dolphins and marveling at how much a person can love a pet fish have fueled her passion and understanding of the human-animal bond to a deeper level. She has her own animal rescue and 501c3, and a portion of all proceeds from her practice, Aspen Park Vet Hospital, go to support the rescue. The hospital offers conventional and holistic treatments for all animals, including acupuncture, Chinese Herbals, homeopathy, and many more.

"Why do I support a vegan diet for dogs? Because the science is clear: 1) Humans and dogs are both omnivores, 2) A plant based diet is the best diet for health and longevity for humans, and 3) I want my animals to live as long, and healthy, as possible, therefore a plant based diet is what I feed and recommend, with tremendous results!"

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