• Mini Bites for Mini Kids

    Mini Bites for Mini Kids

    "We started feeding my dogs the mini-bites early in 2020. They love the food, and it caused no digestive issues like many foods do when newly introduced. My 14 year old is thriving, as are her 2 and 3 year old brothers.I am so thankful that we can get Vegan food for my dogs that is well formulated, and has an established record of...
  • Just what he needed!

    Just what he needed!

    "Noah has been on v-dog for about 6 months now, and he acts and feels so much better, it's truly amazing. We've been telling everyone about v-dog and how great it is. Noah used to get tired on our walks, and I hesitated to take him too far from home but since he's been on v-dog, his energy has greatly increased. He doesn't get...
  • Cancer patient thriving on v-dog

    Cancer patient thriving on v-dog

    "My senior dogs have been eating Vdog food for about a yr. I highly recommend this food to everyone I know. My 14 yr old has cancer but is only thriving bc she eats Vdog food. Thank You"Erin E.
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